Essay on My Teacher for Board Students with Video

Write an essay on my favorite teacher.  500+ Words An Essay on My Teacher.

A teacher is a beautiful gift given by God. A teacher is like God because God is the creator of the whole world and a teacher is the creator of a good nation. A teacher is an important creature in the life of a student, who through his knowledge, patience, love, and care gives a strong life to the student’s entire life.


A teacher has many qualities. He is skilled in making his student’s life successful in every way. A teacher is very intelligent. A teacher comes to know whether the student’s mind is engaged in studies or not. During teaching, a teacher uses creativity so that students can concentrate.


Parents have high expectations from the teacher for their children. The teacher’s role varies in the classroom and on the playground. A teacher is an important creature in everyone’s life who performs various tasks in our life.


Importance of my favorite teacher –

A teacher has an important place and importance not only in student life but in every field. The teacher possesses all the qualities that he shares with his students. The teacher knows that not everyone has the same ability to achieve, so a teacher inspects the ability of each of his students, and accordingly he helps the child to learn.


A teacher is a great source of knowledge, prosperity, and light from which one can gain for life. Each teacher helps his / her student choose their path. Teachers play an important role in the field of education. There is only one teacher who teaches his student how to respect elders.


He tells them about good use of time, rules of time, and punctuality. They always explain to their students about the goal of education. A good teacher leaves a good impression on his students. When any student makes a mistake, the teacher teaches him a lesson and also makes him realize his mistake.


Teachers make both the future and the present of the child. He promotes a good society by producing good students throughout his life.


The reason for my teacher’s popularity –

A teacher shows us the way to success without any selfishness. The teacher educates the student very well for a person of good behavior and ethics. Teachers excel students academically and encourage them to always do well in life.


A teacher never discriminates between his good and bad students, for this all students are equal. A teacher, with his efforts, also makes the weak child smarter and leads him on the path of progress. A great teacher spends his entire life to provide quality education to his students.


A good teacher takes care of all his students. Only a good teacher knows about his students’ eating habits, level of hygiene, behavior with others, and concentration towards studies. The teacher never loses his patience and studies according to each student. A teacher always tells good and informative things to the students.


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The conclusion –


A teacher has great importance in our life. No person can do as much as a teacher develops mentally, socially, and intellectually. Teachers are never bad. It only depends on their way of teaching, which is different from each other and creates their image in the students’ minds.


The nation honors all those teachers who help us eradicate the darkness of ignorance. 5 September is celebrated every year as Teachers’ Day in honor of teachers. On this day special ceremonies are held in schools, in which children participate with great enthusiasm. Qualified teachers are awarded posts and awards by the President.


1. What can I write about my teacher?

You can write the following points about your teacher –
1. Most of all, you wrote your favorite teacher’s name and also wrote their subject name.
2. Why do you consider him a favorite teacher?

2. Who is your best teacher?

My best teacher RAJU RAM JI.

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